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“MARUIMONO” recognizes the importance of personal information protection; we follow our privacy policy (personal information protection policy) when handling personal information for the service (hereinafter “this Service”) in our website.

We have established a system for the protection of personal information, we recognize the importance of personal information protection, and we aim to provide thorough protection under the system.

Article1 What is Personal Information

  1. “Personal Information” refers to the “Personal Information” in Laws of Personal Information Protection, which is the information of living individuals- name, date of birth, address, phone number, contact, and all other information that could be used to specify individuals.
  2. “History and property information” in personal information is not included in the “Personal Information” defined above- it refers to the history of used service, purchased products, browsed page/ advertisement, search keywords, usage date, usage method, usage environment, postal code, gender, occupation, age, IP address, cookie, location, and individual specification of devices, etc.

Article 2 Attainment of Personal Information

  1. When users register for our Service, we need personal information such as user’s name, phone number, email address, bank account number, credit card number, driving license number, etc. In addition, we may attain information in the communication between users and our partners such as the communication record with personal and payment information (from our information provider, advertising parties, and advertisement viewers, hereinafter “Partners”).
  2. This Service may attain history and property information about records of used service, used software, purchased product, browsed page and advertisement, search keyword, usage time, usage method, usage environment (including the communication status of the mobile device and its settings), IP address, cookie, location, individual-specifying information of devices through other services provided by our Partners and when users browse our page.

Article 3 Attainment of Personal Information and its Purposes

Our Service attains personal information for the following purposes.

  1. To display registration information such as name, address, contact, payment method; used service, purchased products, and their related costs so users can view and revise their registration information and usage status.
  2. To notify users about product delivery and for necessary communications, we use contact information such as name, address, email address, etc.
  3. For personal identification, we use users’ name, date of birth, address, phone number, bank account number, credit card number, driving license number, and postal receipt with delivery proofs
  4. For charging users for the products they purchased, we use payment-related information such as users’ name and quantity of the purchased product, used service and their periods, number of usage, payment amount, name, address, bank account number, credit card number, etc.
  5. For easier data entry, we forward entries by users upon registration to other services (including services provided by our Partners) based on users’ instructions.
  6. To reject users who used our Service for any false or unauthorized purposes and users violated our Service usage terms, including those who have outstanding payment and who caused damage to other third parties, we use individual-specifying information such as usage form, name, and address.
  7. To deal with users’ enquiries, we use information about the enquiry, payment, and necessary information for the providence of Service to customers, Service usage status, and contact method.
  8. For other purposes related to the above.

Article 4 Management of Personal Information

In order to ensure all personal information of our clients are correct and updated, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc., we endeavor secure measures such as thorough implementation of internal training, management system, and management of personal information.

Article 5 Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. We disclose personal information only to the information holder upon requested by our clients. However, if the disclosure leads to any of the following circumstances, we may refuse to disclose the information or part of it. In this case, we shall notify our decision as soon as possible.
    • When the disclosure may harm our client’s or third parties’ life, body, property, rights, or other benefits.
    • When the disclosure leads to, or may lead to major interruption in our business
    • When the disclosure violates any other laws
  2. Principally, we shall not disclose other information except personal information, such as history or property information in despite of the above paragraph.

Article 6 Providence of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. We shall endeavor to manage properly all personal information attained from clients and shall not provide any information to other third parties without the advance consent from our clients except in the following circumstances. However, it shall not be applied to circumstances approved by Laws of Personal Information Protection or other laws.
    1. In accordance to laws.
    2. When the disclosure is for the protection of human life, body, or property; and it is difficult to attain consent from the information holder.
    3. When it is necessary to disclose the information for the improvement of public hygiene, promotion of sound education for children; and it is difficult to attain consent from the information holder.
    4. When the disclosure is a legal cooperation as requested by national, prefectural governmental organizations that the attainment of consent from the information holder may cause major interruption in the progress.
    5. When the following matters have been notified or announced in advance,
      • When the providence to third party is included in the purpose
      • Providence of data to third party.
      • Methods or channels of providence to third party
      • Providence of personal information to third party is stopped by the information holder.
  2. The following circumstances are not applicable to third parties in despite of the statement in the previous paragraph.
    1. When personal information, or part of the information, is outsourced within a rational scope for the providence of this Service
    2. When personal information is provided for carrying on business in merges or other business movements.
    3. When personal information is shared among specified parties with advance notification to the persons concerned or in a status that the persons concerned can be acknowledged easily about the usage purpose, the scope of the information in use, the area of the share, the purposes of various parties, person name or group name of the unit in charge of the management of the information.

Article 7 Safety Measures for Personal Information

Our Service aims to have thorough preventative measures to keep all personal information correct and to ensure security .
We endeavor to collect updated information about personal information protection for the providence of the newest secure strategies.

Article 8 Correction & Deletion of Personal Information

  1. Our clients reserve the right to request for correction and deletion of their personal information through the procedures in our Service.
  2. Our Service shall endeavor to correct or delete concerned information, and notify the requester accordingly upon the requests from clients as described in the above paragraph.

Article 9 Personal Information Usage Suspension

When a request is received from client for concerns whether personal information is used outside the declared purposes or attained through an unauthorized manner; or for cancellation of usage/ deletion of information (hereinafter “Usage Termination”), we shall investigate, terminate the usage based on the result, and notify the clients if necessary. However, if Usage Termination leads to significantly high expenses, or if it is difficult to execute, substitutions shall be implemented.

Article 10 Legal & Regulation Compliance & Change of Privacy Policy

  1. We follow the Laws of Japan and other regulations in the management of personal information in our Service.
  2. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy without advance notice to users.
  3. Any revised privacy policy, unless separately stated, shall be valid when released in this website.

Article 11 Personal Information Management In-Charge

Hi-Cast Co., Ltd. CEO Representative Kentaro Takahashi

Article 12 Enquiry

Please contact us at the below for any enquiries about the privacy policy and personal information management of our Service.

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