Order flow


Please fill in the necessary items on

the order form

from the order page for each product and submit.

We will inform you of the following via email.

・Sales price including shipping

・Remit the deposit (1/2 of the selling price)

・Product manufacturing period

We will accept your order with the remittance of the deposit and start manufacturing the ordered product.

*Cancellation is not possible after the order is accepted.

*The deposit cannot be refunded under any circumstance.

Remit the balance of the payment after the product is completed

We will inform you of the remittance destination by email.

Upon confirmation of the remittance from the customer, we will proceed to the next step.
Delivery arrangements

We will make arrangements for delivery based on your desired delivery date.

After confirming the remittance of the payment balance, we will contact you by email.

We will deliver and install the product.

the order page for each product