Casting product brand "MARUIMONO"


This brand attempts to express to society the culmination of a long-established foundry shop celebrating its 100th anniversary.

It all started with a keen desire to face the challenges of the NEXT100 years.

Even though our ambitions are keen,

we want to deliver products that are high quality, sharp and edgy,

and beloved cell units.

Replete with our overflowing thoughts.


The brand name “MARUIMONO” is
created by combining the Japanese words “round” and “casting.

MARU A circulate round shape with no horns
A mark of correctness/pass/excellent. Complete without missing components. ○ × (circle cross) ○ (circle)
Comprehensive. As a whole…
MARO The phonetic variant of the word “Maro” is used for personal names, especially for infants (Ushiwakamaru, etc.), ship names (Nihonmaru, etc.), dogs, and horses. In the olden days, one used to call himself Maro, but the name was gradually applied to beloved or precious things, such as dogs, horses, and swords.


We want to produce casting products that bring happiness to families, communities, and the world through the casting technology we have cultivated over the past century since our founding.

The logo mark is based on the “mold” used in the manufacturing round products.

Operating company:Hicast Co.,Ltd.

Postal Code 348-0038 2-705-34, Komatsudai, Hanyu City, Saitama,Japan